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CNN briefly announced that New York legislators are trying to pass a 25 cent tax hike on soda to combat obesity. Don't believe their rationality. They do not care about public health, but the extra revenue from these taxes. A bloated government steals our freedoms with a wink and smile while saying "it's for your own good". They use this reasoning to tax us on cigarettes, alcohol, SUVs, gasoline, firearms, recreational vehicles, cellphones, etc. If America truly stands as a free Republic, then we must also be granted the freedom to make mistakes, become obese, drink excessively, or drive gasoline hogs if we so choose, without the burden of undue taxation. Have we forgotten the Boston Tea Party?

     Not only does freedom bring great responsibility to the People, but also the chance of mistakes as well. The government's duty is not that of a nanny. The obese Empire State's legislature forgot it's place at the People's table. When will New Yorkers remind them?

Everyone should check out Bob Lunsford's article "Where Were They?" in the Independent Writers section.  A very well written piece that asks some heavy questions regarding our election.
     I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!  I'll go ahead and wish everyone a Merry Christmas in case I'm too busy to do so in the future!

     History repeats itself and humans are creatures of habit; often a bad combination. My question to viewers: is it possible for the U.S. to fall under the spell of tyranny? I picture many individuals firmly insisting that that kind of abomination could never be embraced by Americans and no doubt, in their minds, will never occur.

     Did the Russians, in the early 1900's, know their future would grow dark under communism? Thousands upon thousands, factory workers and inn-keepers, young and old, ate the words of communist Lenin which gave rise to Stalin. How about the masses wildly cheering for Hitler? Did they understand they were destined for oppression and tyranny beforehand? Did the supporters of Fidel Castro predict he would rule with an iron-fist instead of upholding his promise to help the poor? Che Guevara militants, mostly poor and middle class, engaged in armed conflict in hopes of a better future. It got them their beloved, murderous Fidel (and now Raul Castro). Such events blot history throughout mankind.

     Unfortunately, all of these star-struck supporters were never granted the liberty and justice they craved. None of the cheering masses, behind the tyrants, dreamed of their future diving off a cliff. They all aspired for bigger and better things. They all blindly supported leaders who promised to give them everything the masses wanted. In the end, they willingly opened their own front door to ruthless dictators, forever haunting history and never to be forgotten in history books.

...the ultimate question: can Americans awake in time to avert their own suicide?

First, this is a MUST READ:
It was emailed to me by a well informed individual, thank you very much.

Now comes my rant:

     Whenever a great country with a fierce army embarks upon war, they never send their troops out haphazardly, without orders, or with no objective. There is always a coordinated movement behind the various operations, no matter how chaotic it may seem.

     On the internet, there is no coordinated movement, but only sporadic pop-shots (guerrilla tactics) to our common threats. While this warfare has potential, it has no long term, lasting effect. Plus, it will take an incredible amount of time to ever suffice.

     My own website started out as a "pop shot" in hopes of gathering momentum into a driving force. While popularity has risen and minds have changed and grown, our enemies of freedom remain. Why?

     Simply put, we, the "warriors" on the net, are fighting a disorganized, chaotic, no-end-in-sight war against an established, well-equipped and well-funded enemy.

     While guerrilla war-sites work to some degree, they will not win the information and culture war at stake. We have good information, but that intel fails to reach our most important assets: elected representatives.

     Take time out from searching small websites (like mine) and refrain from forwarding chain emails that have no impact where it matters. Email, fax, call, and meet in person the people who have the best chance of actually changing our country and winning this war...our elected leaders! This includes your city counsel, teachers board, and community organizers. If they disagree with you, get in their face and challenge them; but do so in a nice, pleasant and peaceful manner. I've spent weeks and weeks researching my own topics to write about, but I've forgotten my civic responsibility and main objective...have you?

     I'm reading reports, articles, and emails of voter fraud committed by both Republican and Democratic parties. However, the most fraudulent votes seem to have amassed from the Democrat gang. Caravans travel to and fro voting booths with the homeless, first time voters, and certainly illegal immigrants. No doubt, all of them support the Democratic Party throughout early voting. Even the deceased seem to adore Obama. Countless dead (and even non-existent) individuals chose Obama and fellow Democrats as elected officials.

     These groups "getting the vote out", such as ACORN and other Obama Co. affiliates, obstruct the votes for Republicans. Even U.S. soldiers abroad face the wrath of the DNC and pro-Obama organizations. Lawsuits and investigations, due to a simple 'lack of address', leads to votes of soldiers becoming worthless (even when those votes bear a witness). This remains to be only one obstacle, out of many, for American soldiers in foreign lands. The armed forces support McCain 100%. I wonder why these same voter-right advocacy groups lack the outrage regarding rights of our own warriors?

     Is the vote of a homeless man worth more than that of a soldier? I guess this depends upon whom the vote is for. In the eyes of radical leftists and Obama-lemmings: our soldiers are good enough to die, but not good enough to vote...

More information:
(Note: while this article was written in 2004, these problems still exist in many cases today.)

     Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) claimed, "The airwaves are owned by private
companies at this point. There’s a license to private companies to operate
broadcast stations, and that’s the way it should be. All I’m saying is that
for many, many years we operated under a Fairness Doctrine in this country, and
I think the country was well-served. I think the public discussion was at a
higher level and more intelligent in those days than it has become since."

     First, intelligence does not stem from certifications granted by any
government. Second, freedom of speech, such as an opinion, should not be
"licensed." This restriction and impedance of speech is intolerable.

     The liberal, socialist and communist favored "Fairness Doctrine" depends upon
whom and when these licenses are granted to; as well as the targeted
demographic. This "Fairness Doctrine" fails to apply towards the liberal
dominated TV and print media. Why?

     Talk-radio continues to be the last Alamo for conservatives and libertarians.
Such a clever bill to impose suicide to this right leaning media only adds
weight to the already left-tilted side of all other news sources.

     I guess fairness, in the liberal sense, is in the eyes of the beholder. Refer
to my TAKE ACTION tab to learn more about the unfair "Fairness Doctrine."

Anyone concerned about Barack Obama needs to read a letter I received from one of my readers.  She experienced the horrific progress that so-called "change" made in Argentina by a fellow named Juan Peron.  Read it here ( )

As much as I hate MSNBC for their one-sided "journalism", they sometimes offer a tidbit of factual information. This article ( ) suggests that a student has been sentenced to death in Afghanistan. What for, one may ask? He must have committed murder or some type of terrorist act, right?

     It seems the "guilty" journalist student, Sayed Pervez Kambaksh, committed the crime of writing a not-so-favored outlook on Islam: the barbaric treatment of women. A three-panel judge viewed Kambaksh's written piece as a violation of Islamic principle and pushed for the death sentence.

     More information, with his photo & an online petition, here:

     Such a tragedy paints a perfect example of just one of the many horrid aspects of Islam. I hope my moderate Muslim friends forgive me for saying that...or else, one day I may share a similar fate.

     Though Sayed Kambaksh and I differ in religion, he and his family will have my prayers and best wishes.

     Both Presidential candidates for the Republican and Democratic party advocate government expansion. The only difference is what kind and where. Barack Obama supports huge government entitlements (welfare), higher taxes on middle and upper class, and the "nationalization" of health care (aka socialism/communism). John McCain believes in more economic regulation (i.e. bureaucratic red-tape) and government intervention for the so-called "climate crisis" (ditto for Obama). Have no doubt my friends that our government will remain obese and gain more, no matter which candidate becomes elected. An Obama administration will run head-long into the arms of communist Karl Marx faster than McCain, no doubt. In the end, we will all be left in the dust and they, the Obamas and McCains of the world, will scratch their heads wondering how it all collapsed...never thinking once to open up a history book.

     Thomas Jefferson said, "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have." Even the Founding-Fathers understood this and wanted government limited and restricted to certain powers...

...unfortunately, McCain, and certainly Obama, fail to grasp this fundamental understanding.

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     Aside from that, I've been busy with school and certification for my job.  The next month or 2 will stay fairly slow on this site due to these responsibilities. 

     If anyone wants a good movie to watch, I would suggest "An American Carol".  It pokes fun at Michael Moore along with all the other leftist/socialist/communist nuts.  I haven't seen the film yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

I posted two articles in the Conservative Topics section, one of which was officially published.

     I created an image that anyone may print to pass out to others.  It's a simple comparison chart of Obama and McCain.  Click here ( )  Please note:  I did not create the document itself.  In fact, I have no clue who did...