Open Letter to Government Officials
by Debbie Warren

Open letter to the White House and the Government of the United States of America from one of your employers.
     We asked the questions and they went unanswered.  We asked again and again and were ignored like invisible children.  There is basis and there is ‘standing’ for each of us to question who and what this obvious charlatan and usurper ‘is’ under the disguise that our own and formerly trusted government is using to shield and enable this travesty at our expense.  Until this is revealed and resolved, it will fester and grow.  It will not go away.  Your canned responses which avoid specific questions are unacceptable and an insult to citizens who care enough to take an active part.
     WE are the PEOPLE and we are who matter.  Before we can unify and fight our enemies from other lands we must unify and clean our own house.  Under our current circumstances, we are and will remain divided and weak.
     You will be removed one way or the other; every last one of our representatives and employees who refuse to uphold our Constitution and obey the laws of our land.  Every last one who did not do the job they pledged to do.  Every single criminal and traitor who participated in the fraud that has been perpetrated upon our country and its citizens will be held accountable and lose their cushy jobs and paychecks.  YOU are in danger of being jobless and joining the ranks of hard working citizens whom you betrayed.  Not one of you gutless wonders stood up and publicly challenged the single most important Constitutional issue facing our nation today.  Not one of you refused to certify votes for Barry Soetoro aka B. Hussein Obama.
     I make no threat, but I do make an observation and obvious prediction.  War is war and our right to wage it to protect ourselves and our Freedom is clearly spelled out.  Our men and women fight and DIE to protect those rights and whether the fight is abroad or at home, without or within; a war will be waged when no other remedy is apparent or available.  When words, entreaties and votes mean nothing; there is only one thing left in the minds of people who resort to other remedies and it terrifies me.  It makes me sick.
     You have separated us by your complicity and inaction and have succeeded in making us weaker in the eyes of our enemies.  You have exposed us to threats from without as well as war within.
     It pains me that brother may be forced to fight brother because our government ignored and broke our laws and desperate citizens will feel they have no choice.
     This President-Elect was elevated to that position by a corrupt government, a ‘Third-World’ farce of an election, a corrupt and Liberal media and marketing machine, blatant voter fraud and more.  Silence and inaction equate to action.  And by your actions, you are part of the problem that exposes us to threats beyond our heretofore inconceivable comprehension.  This Usurper is thumbing his nose at main-stream America and our Constitution and no one who is employed by THE PEOPLE and paid with OUR taxes has the ethics, patriotism or guts to stand up.  When those with all the power are hurting those who have none…you STAND UP!
     Once again, let me be very clear here.  As of today, this is still a free country and I still have a right to voice my opinion and fears.  I MAKE NO PERSONAL THREAT AND WOULD NOT HAVE THE MEANS TO CARRY IT OUT.  You see; my life, health, finances and future have been decimated by the government I believed in, trusted and was so very proud of.  That seems to be the agenda now; enslave the masses to Socialist policies and programs in hopes that you will have so much power we cannot prevail.  Think again, you will not succeed.  While so many of us begged for help, investigation and prosecution; our country tanked because you REFUSED to act.
     I am angry and all I have left is my voice.  You have failed miserably at your primary job of upholding Our Constitution.  Don’t even think about changing one line of it and you will not succeed at silencing the citizens of America.