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     First up:  call, email, and fax your Federal (not State) representatives concerning the "Cap and Trade" bill.  This legislation may be rammed through this Friday!  More information, including a letter you can copy & paste, found here ).
Moving along...

     I've long wondered when and how the U.S. government would one day "censor" (aka control) the Internet.  Average Americans gasp at such a thought; maybe even denounce the idea altogether.  Why would such a government action shock anyone? China controls their Internet access very strictly ( ).  So does Russia, North Korea, Cuba, various South American countries, Iran and most Muslim countries.  Even members of the European Union are infested with 'net police'.  So why can't the U.S. follow the trend?

     Congressional liberals (both Democrats & Republicans) desire the "Fairness Doctrine" ( )to be re-instated over our radio waves.  The FCC regulates pretty much everything on the television.  The next digital medium on the hit list naturally points to the Internet.

     I believe the first step towards American Net regulation occurred with a DHS report ) listing various conservative and libertarian groups as 'extremists'.  People/organizations deemed as "right-wing extremists" were:  returning veterans from Iraq/Afghanistan, anti-illegal immigration groups, organizations opposing high taxes (i.e. TEA party protesters), gun-rights activists (NRA members), along with others.

     More and more people utilize the Internet to keep updated, organize rallies, create petitions, chat, etc.  With these affiliations and people identified as 'extremists', any elected traitor can manipulate this list to squelch his or her opposition (just as gun-registrations can be used for).  One must know his enemy first, only then can war be waged.  Step two requires a 'crisis' to occur in order for the 'information super-highway' to be controlled and regulated.  Americans still love freedom.  Only through fear will they surrender their freedom.  Officials may use “cyber-bullying” or “pedophiles in chat rooms” as an excuse to impose control.  Maybe they'll scapegoat the rebirth of state militias managing websites and chat rooms?   Maybe "cyber-terrorism" sparks the war over whom controls the net:  us or the government?  Who knows?  For now, this is my theory.  This won't occur overnight, nor in a few years.  Nonetheless, if this snowball continues downhill, it is inevitable.  I've observed: once government bites into freedom and tastes the blood of liberty, it only lusts for more.

(And no, black helicopters are not hovering over my house and I don't have tin-foil on my head.)

     Ever ponder why Congress, and government in general, cannot seem to solve the problems they set out to solve? Ever wonder that maybe the problem is they have bitten off more than they can chew? Today, government lurks in every corner and shadow; whether they regulate the economy or mandate personal life: government authority seems to appear everywhere.

     The problem is that government has taken just about every problem inflicting a society and tries to regulate and control it. Constituents cannot possibly keep up with the ever-rising flood of government policy. One must become an expert in literally every subject (from car insurance to sociology) if one is to be an educated constituent and inform his or her elected representative as which direction to go. Government was not meant to be this big! The U.S. Constitution says so! The Revolutionary War was fought against such a government! Yet, we see the powers of government growing and growing, as our problems worsen.

     Whoever said, "A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have", had it right.

     We now have a government hi-jacking private businesses and eventually healthcare. What's next? When will your company be taken over? When will you have to ask permission for basic freedoms like speech (oops, already there), religion (already being regulated), right to bear arms (oops, already there), or due process? Don't be naive to think government officials will honor their oath to protect our God-given rights...history and the blood of patriots prove otherwise.

     What if someone said, "We need a Judge, a white judge, that is capable of understanding the problems afflicting the white people of today's society. Only then will Justice be served."

     Would everyone agree that this person needs a reality check? Judgeships should not be filled based upon physical traits, nor how he or she regards a specific group of people in relation to law. After all, the law must treat each person equally without favoring one group of people over another, no matter their background.

     "We need somebody who's got the heart, the empathy, to recognize what it's like to be a young teenage mom, the empathy to understand what it's like to be poor or African-American or gay or disabled or old - and that's the criterion by which I'll be selecting my judges," Obama declared. 

     No longer will Judges be selected based upon their merit nor on their willingness to uphold the Constitution, but solely on their physical and psychological differences and life experiences. How shallow is that? Dare I say bigoted?

     If 3'0 foot, asexual, immortal, green aliens were wise, they'd come to earth and quickly fill judicial openings. No need for them to be American citizens, understand the Constitution, nor cherish true freedom (from government): just be different!

     On the serious side: Mr. Obama & Congress, it does not matter what Judges look like or the kind of experiences they may have had. It does matter what they believe their role to be in upholding and protecting the U.S. Constitution and rule of law. The law must treat everyone equally, disregarding age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, etc. However, you seem to think otherwise.

     Once again, we see the double-standard of modern-liberalism. They claim to support "equality" for everyone, but once the theory is set into practice, it quickly deteriorates into bigoted elitism (i.e. the "I'm right b/c I'm right and you're wrong b/c you disagree with me" mentality).

     Until the People wake up and see through their scam, these fraudsters will continue to play us as fools.

A visitor sent me an email capturing the lunacy (or idiocy) behind the “bailout packages”. Thanks Jerry!
My company needs a bailout ASAP!

My shop repairs vehicles and changes tires. We desperately need funds due to the dwindling economy. If this company falls apart, people in this city will have a much harder time repairing their vehicles and finding quality tires.

If people cannot travel to and fro, due to bad tires or inoperable vehicles, how will they get to work, pay their bills, drop off and pickup school kids, or run errands? Other businesses and the city's economy are in danger for this very reason! Everyone might as well file for bankruptcy right now! We sell a good portion of our tire stock to the city work fleet. How will they perform their duties if city workers have no tires? As you can see, not only will the closing of my repair shop negatively affect the private sector, the public sector will collapse as well!

If this city fails, because of my company's collapse, then many other cities connected to our economy will falter too! If these cities claim bankruptcy, due to my failing shop, then the entire state could be at risk! If the entire state is at risk, then all other states are in peril due to a shared economic relation! When the nation fails, due to my tire-shop's critical condition, the world fails because of the interconnected relationships in the "global economy"!

Please hurry Obama! Save my shop to save the world!

Jerry A. Swaggers
     Jerry's repair shop isn't on the verge of collapse as he claims; that's for dramatic effect. However, Jerry did say his company had to cut back on some expenses and lay off a couple of workers. Unlike the government, Mr. Swaggers did not spend, spend, spend; but used common sense to overcome and keep afloat. Ever think of running for office Jerry?


Here's my letter to Obama which was also published in various newspapers:

Dear President Obama,

     In light of recent economic bailouts, I ask that you and Congress grant my own personal bailout for my upcoming birthday.

     I, like many others, struggle day to day. With this Congressional and Presidential birthday gift, I would directly stimulate the economy by redistributing that money to: college professors, WalMart and Brookshires’ employees, electric utilities, cellular phone workers, automotive mechanics, the housing market, gasoline corporations, household appliance makers, computer vendors, XBOX, Playstation, Mercedes-Benz, lawn and tree trimmers, maid and butler services, fitness gyms, music and movie entertainers, and even restaurants since I would treat all of my friends to dinner each night. Since you bailed out the upper-class elite, will you please bail me out? After all, my birthday is coming up!



     Any liberal (or confused conservative) in need of help, please refer to my new detox and rehab program "Obama and Liberal Detox Program" (OLD-P). ( )

Here's some responses from various emails I've received:

Phillip from Wisconsin: "Communism is a good idea, it just never works."

     I agree that it never works, but I disagree that communism is a good idea. Let me ask you this, would you allow a stranger to sleep in your bed, drive your car, or use your bathroom at any given time, without your permission?

     If the answer is "no", then naturally, you disagree with communism as well. Communism does not allow for ownership of anything, other than your own physical body.

     So, if you like sleeping in your own bed and having your own personal space (i.e. a house), you must naturally oppose communism since the tenets of that philosophy have no means for property rights or even personal space.

Allen from Texas: "I hate how our government has grown into what it is today. What do we do about it?"

     Read, read, read! Learn, learn, learn! Most importantly, USE COMMON SENSE AND THINK FOR YOURSELF! Then tell your elected representatives what must be done. They work for you! We the People have allowed our government the ability to grow into this monstrosity. Only We can take it back! Rue the day that violence must be used instead of peaceful resolution.

Sharon from Florida: "I'm a conservative Democrat. I dislike the Republican Party for many reasons, but I absolutely despise how my party continues its ways. Should I switch parties? Should I even care anymore?"

     You're on the endangered species list, Sharon. There are very few (true) conservative Democrats nowadays. I urge you to support conservatives or libertarians DESPITE their affiliated party. Our problem lies with ignorance, stupidity, greed, and lust-for-power. All infections afflict both parties. The Democrat party lost itself long ago due to self-interests. The Republican Party will witness it's own death soon due to the very same reasons if they do not wise up. Overlook party lines because both parties only look to better themselves instead of the country. Choose leaders supporting liberty and freedom; ignore the bearers of ignorance and falsehoods.

     After America expressed outrage, via Tea Parties, over government's ridiculous spending-spree (aka "bailouts"), liberals in government now try to ignite the old Bush/Cheney Hate Syndrome. But wait! Hasn't Bush been replaced already?? Why are we hearing about Bush again?? 

     Could it be they are deflecting criticism of Obama and (Democratically controlled) Congress back onto the sore spot of Bush? Despite the fact that Bush hasn't been in power since Obama sat in the Oval Office, media puppeteers still obsess over him (and now Cheney). Investigations of "torture" were tried in the past, now they coincidentally appear just after large numbers of Tea-Party protests. Why weren't the investigations done sooner, say, days after Obama gained power? The "new" investigations will not return anything's all a sham to make people 'glued to the tube' (zombies watching the news) forget the trillions of dollars Congress and Obama swindled from the American taxpayer.

     Nice try, but we haven't been fooled. We remember!

(Side note: Former President Bush and the 2008 Democrat-controlled Congress approved the first economic "bailout", so they're not off the hook either.)

     When the average man speaks of revolution, even jokingly, that should sound the alarm to everyone that something isn't right.  Those individuals have been
branded as alarmists or tin-foiled hat conspiracists; but even a broken watch
is correct twice a day.  Our elected elite, coupled with the immoral media,
appear indignant and continue to ignore their sworn duties and obligations.
That mundane task of "upholding the Constitution" no longer applies to them.
After all, they are the rich, powerful and elite.  We have a President, elected
by We the People, that fails to prove his legality as a citizen and steals our
money in an epic con disguised as a "stimulus bill".  Is Obama's "change" the
same as the last few months of Bush Jr.?  Our appointed Energy Secretary
desires gas prices reach the European standard of $8 per gallon or more.  We've
seen multitudes of tax evaders appointed to high positions such as Timothy
Geithner for Treasury Secretary.  Nancy Killefer, Bill Richardson, and Tom
Daschle, all nominees for high positions as well, face tax scrutiny too.  Who
can question that Obama hasn't been tainted with Illinois corruption when his
very own Senate seat was up for bid by Governor Blagojevich?  Perhaps Obama
gained his Senate seat that very same way?  We have a Secretary of State,
Hillary Clinton, that exaggerated her personal story about sniper fire while
visiting Bosnia.  Will she also exaggerate critical reports concerning our
foreign affairs?  Perhaps the morality master Bill Clinton will guide her

     Obama lemmings flaunt their ignorance and laugh at our concerns.  We are the
enemy to them, have no doubt, for we think for ourselves.  Taking one mans'
lies and believing them for the first time is a mistake; but continuing to
believe the lies is downright stupidity.  Ask the few survivors of the Hitler
or Stalin regime of one man's notion of prosperity and success. Perhaps the
brave souls enduring tyranny in Cuba, China and South America could answer any

     Yes, I'm angry.  I see ignorance and stupidity being rewarded while the good,
brave and honorable are punished and mocked.  Each day I witness an act of
retardation.  I flip the channel only to see the same news of the "me" mentality
and victim hood.  I speak to average citizens reproducing the very same brain
sewage.  At least newspapers still seem great for comics and toilet paper.

     We have allowed stupid individuals the right to vote usurpers into power in all
branches of government...where and how will this resolve?

     Tired of government ignoring the overwhelming cries of citizens?  Maybe this march appeals to you!  Anyone may join and participate!  Read the following letter from the "We the People" grassroots organization:

"Dear Erick,

Re: “’We the People’: Restore Our Constitution March”

We are members of a Conservative grassroots effort known as the Patriotic Resistance, an online forum created by the group, Grassfire is a peaceful, patriotic group resisting the push to move this great nation of ours to a leftist, socialist form of governance. Many Conservatives have joined forces within this on-line community and are organizing a “’We the People’: Restore our Constitution March” that will take place in Washington, DC on May 30th, 2009.

This grassroots protest is about preserving the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. We have to get back to the moral foundation of our Founding Fathers and the original vision they had for our great Nation. We resist socialistic wealth redistribution, open borders, weakening of our defense, liberal court activism, extreme environmentalism, silencing conservatives via the fairness doctrine, socialized medicine, social liberalism and weakening any of our amendments, therefore weakening our Constitutional rights.

As you may know, President Obama’s administration is in the process of attempting to ‘change’ our great Constitution, referring to it as “antiquated document” that needs to be updated to reflect the changing times. We view this as an attempt to push a leftist ideology on this nation. As I write this, the President is pushing and the House of Representatives have passed the largest increase in spending and expansion of the Federal government in our Nations history, and proposing legislation that will tear down our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We, the organizers of this march, are working to bring many organizations together and hope to have prominent conservative speakers, entertainers, writers, radio hosts, and attendance from across the nation in the highest numbers possible. Being a truly grassroots effort, we do not have the funds to advertise on a large scale. Therefore, we are contacting great conservatives like you to assist us in spreading the word. In addition, we would greatly appreciate your attendance and be humbled if you choose to be a speaker.

We invite you to be a part of history and join with us in our efforts to take back our heritage. Thank you for time and attention. We hope to hear from you soon.


Darla Dawald, Executive Director
1328 E. Judi Drive
Groton, CT 06340

Christopher Monaco, Media Outreach
21 Godfrey Street
Casa Grande, AZ85222

‘We the People’ Restore Our Constitution March
480-234-8033  "

     If you have questions, such as the exact meeting time & location, please contact Darla Dawald ( ).  I won't be able to make it, but all the best to everyone who does!

     Congress hungers not only for more of your hard-earned money, but they also want the shirt off your child's back...literally. Last year, Congress Democrats led the charge to pass the "Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act". This legislation requires businesses to perform mandatory testing on toys and children's clothes for lead and "phthalates". What happens if something doesn't meet this new requirement? Toy, meet dumpster, meet landfill. Anyone caught selling untested materials shall pay a hefty fine or say hello to Bubba in prison. However, toys and clothes aren't the only objects in danger, but also cribs, walkers, bouncers, bottles, pacifiers, jewelry, and the list aimlessly wanders onward. True environmentalists and conservationists should be outraged, for this law contributes to more waste and pollution, not to mention expanded landfills. I don't hear a peep from them. Stores and charitable organizations seem to be the only concerned voice. Small shops won't be able to afford this mandatory testing which equates to roughly $50,000. The "Salvation Army" and "Goodwill", vital to the poor and needy, will be forced to close shop as well.
     In times of an already weak economy, this act creates a more desperate situation. (I'm sure Congress will be ready with more "fixes" and bailouts though.)
The large number of Democrats co-sponsoring this bill claim to be the "party for the poor", but they seem to be the "party to kick the poor". The few Republicans supporting this piece should be ashamed.
     Starting February 10, 2009, this law becomes effective. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, already embarrassed by the bill's attention, stated that they (CPSC) will interpret the law in a suitable manner. Being the commission that pushed for this legislation in the first place gives me serious doubt of their interpreting abilities.
...the bill's sponsor, Democrat Bobby Rush, should have thought this one through.

Debbie Warren forwarded me the letter she sent to all government officials.  Her passion is clear and message well articulated.  Many people have also grown angry and resentful.  Read her letter here ).

     On a lighter side, a friend and I created this humorous political cartoon depicting the indoctrination we and other college students receive.  She performed over 95% of the work.  Great job!  We hope you enjoy.