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     Why doesn't government target GE? They went after the "big oil companies", the auto-manufacturers, and the banks; before them, it was Microsoft. GE has a net income of 10.7 billion dollars; that's $10,700,000,000.00 and classified as the second largest company in the world.
They own oil rights, energies, technologies, as well as news media like NBC (which operates Syfy, MSNBC, Telemundo, USA Network, etc.).
Yet, in this world of entitlements and class ranks, GE seems to receive the free-pass.
Could it be that they are one of the biggest donators to the Democrat Party?
No....of course not....

     I challenge anyone to give an example of anything that is truly “free”. By “free”, I imply something that is not taxed (directly or indirectly), regulated, permitted (requiring a permit) or outlawed?

     Some answered:
“Walking on the beach”. Sorry, even walking on the beach has city, state, and federal laws applied (and taxes).

     How about “breathing air”? Nope, even our air is regulated by the E.P.A. and related agencies. Industries have had to pay 'carbon taxes' too. Most likely, we will be taxed for “air” thanks to the global-warming scam.

     One person mentioned, “thinking is still completely free.” With more and more “hate crime” laws being passed, the legislation and judicial branch effectively produced laws which behave like “thought-control” measures...sorry, thinking is no longer free and hate-crime laws have little to do with real hatred. With the U.S. media becoming more powerful and marginalizing conservative/libertarian ideas, rightists (those opposing unconstitutional big-government) will find themselves facing open hostility, as we see in Europe today.

     “Consumable goods in many states do not contain taxes.” That is somewhat true. For instance, Texas does not tax consumable goods. However, an indirect tax does apply. When farmers are taxed more and more based upon their income (i.e. the progressive income tax), those direct taxes placed upon a farmer's income is passed along to the consumers. The consumers are therefore indirectly taxed. Plus, anything bought and sold in stores must be approved by various agencies.

     So, what can a person do which is truly free from government rule? I've thought about this question for roughly 2 years now. I haven't come up with an answer. Can you?

If so, email me ( mailto: ).

     A video which must be watched:

     My personal opinion, Britain lost their freedom long ago...I hope you take your freedom back!

     Better wake up America...our neighbors are being raped and pillaged of their freedoms, but we seem complacent and content. Whom will rescue US when our freedoms are taken as well?

     Coming back to the lie of "man-made" global-warming, please watch the following:

     P.S. There are more videos afterwards.

     Wrote a brief description of the Arizona illegal immigration bill (S.B. 1070) which everyone seems to be debating about. Click here to read it.

     Hillary Clinton signed the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. I guess we wait for Congress to decide now...hopefully they'll grow brains before then. If this treaty passes, we're in trouble.

     The story of a 15 year old committing suicide because of bullying reached headlines not too long ago ( ).

     First, my sincere condolences to the family of the deceased young lady.

     I usually don't write on stories such as these. However, I see people (i.e. politicians, bureaucrats and media) manipulating this tragedy for their own gain.

     MA legislators may propose "anti-bullying" laws. These statutes conceal a slippery-slope towards an even larger tyranny within the Education Department.

     Let's define a "bully".

     "Bully - A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people."

     That definition seems very open to interpretation. This could include parents, step-parents, siblings, judges, unions, police, teachers, Senators, Representatives, mayors, Governors, Presidents, media figures, grouchy next-door neighbors, feminists, Democrats, Republicans, etc.

     Anyone can twist this definition of a bully around if a 'victim' feels like he or she was treated in a cruel or overbearing manner. (I think I have a good case against the IRS!)

     Is this a modern day 'Salem Witch Trial'?
     From the NYTimes:
"The school has convened an anti-bullying task force, which met Monday, to help determine how to deal with bullying. “That’s the really clear message we’re trying to send — if you see anything at all, online, through friends, you have to tell us,” said Bill Evans, an administrator leading a group subcommittee."

     What if someone doesn't inform them? Are they prosecuted too?
(Random thought: Communist and Socialist countries enforce a policy similar to this: if a person does not inform their local gestapo agent of a crime or misdemeanor committed by another individual, then the person who failed to inform is charged with a crime.)

     What a circus this has become. These bureaucrats and politicians didn't care about the situation until the media sensationalized this; typical of them.

     Does anyone really think more laws, more "committees", and more government will solve this age-old problem? No! I bet this worsens, and innocent students, parents and teachers will be punished for something they did not do.

     I predict an immense amount of false allegations and unjust punishment from these witch-trial subcommittees. However, this won't make the news many years from now, and politicians and school faculty won't solve the mess they created.

     The students responsible for the bullying: punish them. But don't imprison them. What if every suicide were treated in this fashion? Obviously, every suicide contains depression. So what if someone lost his job and took his own life, is the employer responsible? If a relationship breaks up and one of the loved one commits suicide, does the living 'ex' go to prison? If an alcoholic hangs himself because of chronic depression, are the beer breweries charged with a crime?

     It's's solves nothing.

     Here's a dose of reality: bullying is a part of growing up. Everyone has been the target of a bully at some point in time. If the problem progresses into the extreme, as it seems to be in Ms. Prince's case, then parents should step in, along with teachers. If changing classes or confronting the 'bullies' fails to work, then switch schools or even move. It's sad that anyone should change schools or move because of such a problem; but if that's what it takes, then do it! We don't need incompetent bureaucrats sticking their noses into a matter they don't even care about, ditto for politicians passing more bills they didn't even read.

     I'm not blaming the parents nor the teachers. I do blame the student's responsible for the bullying, but this ordeal took a turn for the worst when 'criminal charges' were applied and the MA legislature imposed itself.

     (Important Note: a statutory rape charge has been filed, if evidence proves that individual guilty, then he should be punished accordingly. That act IS criminal.).

     Some quick random thoughts/updates:

     The so-called “health-care” bill. Wow! Everyone familiar with my site already knows I'm opposed to this unconstitutional bill which will not solve the “problem”. The problem is INFLATION, prices for everything are going up, not just for insurance or health-care. My prediction: within 10 years from now, another “crisis” will occur affecting health-care. Remember, Obama's administration “never lets a crisis go to waste”; an excellent military strategy by the way. Can anyone guess the solution? Maybe another bill regulating and controlling even more than they do now? Maybe more private sectors are nationalized? We'll wait and see...

     On the Hutaree militant incident: the only news sources come from the government or media. I distrust both sources because they both have an agenda. IF they were planning attacks on police, then they shall be convicted in court. So far, the indictments do not state concrete evidence of such attack, but only hearsay (i.e. Billy Joe Bob overheard something about a Hutaree member maybe saying easily such an accusation can be made against anyone.) As for the “weapons of mass destruction” allegations, I didn't know “pipe bombs” were WMD's. As I read from someone else, if “pipe bombs” are now WMD's, then we found WMD's in Iraq and Afghanistan a long time ago. (The liberals can get over Bush's “mistake” now.) Plus, most people do not understand that pipe bombs are made from house-hold, the reader, most likely have the materials to make a pipe bomb and didn't realize it (silly terrorist).

     Don't go to the Hutaree's forum, nothing but homosexual pornography and libel. It seems a group of extremely cool guys/gals have stopped eating Cheetos from their basement and begun their own form of online punishment. (How does that even work? And why would anyone waste their time like that?) Screw the judicial branch, it's “guilty until proven innocent” now...let's bring back the gulags, shall we? Ditto for the media. The media puppets were the trial, jury, judge, and witness. Why even send them to court? Just sentence them to prison for life...let's do this for every case'll be efficient!

     U.N. Small Arms Treaty: we were waiting for this to come. I think the Obama/Hillary coalition jumped the gun though (pun intended). Too many Americans still cling to their guns (and God). Unless they ram this through like they did with the Health-care bill (which is possible), I don't see much luck on this. However, I have to smack myself sometimes and be reminded who sits in the Oval Office and how many far-left marxist/communist radicals....err....I mean “progressives”...have been appointed to various positions. Wake up Hillary: you go for this then you might as well kiss your 2012 Presidential nomination good-bye.

     Anyone need a campaign manager? :)

     The Deception Factor:

     If you believe gun-control is for the protection of the innocent, please listen up.

     Gun-control does nothing but disarm the good and innocent; and aides the bad and ruthless. Hard to believe? Look at U.S. statistics. The states and/or cities with draconian gun-laws hold higher crime rates than those with less restrictive gun-statutes. Washing D.C., the strictest city in our lands, continues to receive the prestigious title of HCR (Highest Crime Rate). Why don't these laws do their job and prevent and/or decrease crime?

     Pirates on the seas continue to run amok despite the United Nations intervention. Why? Lets look at the U.N.'s ban on all weapons within 'international waters' (with the exception of government entities). If these anti-gun laws were doing their job, wouldn't pirate attacks decrease? Why do these encounters perpetuate and advance in numbers?

     These 'educated' elites must understand that their results equate to failure...after all, history dictates gun-bans only lead to more crime and ultimately a totalitarian government. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Peron, Chavez, etc. etc. took away the best means of defense from their population before, or shortly after, seizing power. Can a disarmed population revolt against a tyrannical government with merely rocks and sticks?

     These politicians don't care about protecting you: it's about advancing their agenda for more power. And that means taking away the last line of defense: your weapons.

     Here's another "crazy" idea of mine: just like abortion, the aim of gun-control points to population reduction. Disarming the law-abiding citizens allows the criminal a greater advantage. We see cities, even entire states (Illinois, California and New York for example), that continue to see the murder rates rise, despite more and more gun laws. Who hurts the most with anti-Second Amendment laws: mostly the poor and minorities. Our "educated" politicians are given police protection, paid for by the People; yet, the People cannot be given a choice of self-defense...even pepper spray has been outlawed in some states.

     What's next? Bad breath?

     So...they, the power-hungry elites, cheer on abortion (under the guise of "choice" and "freedom") and gun-control (under the false notion of "security" and "safety"); yet, reality acknowledges the complete opposite: more violence, death, and destruction, mostly directed at the poor and minorities.

     Let's remember the abortion rights activist and Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, made several statements regarding the cleansing of minorities (particularly blacks); totalitarian psychos pursued the same goal of cleansing their population of the "unwanted" and "undesirable" through various means (i.e. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Lenin, Mussolini, Kim Jong-il, etc.) and continue to do so.

     Even long ago, most rulers, whether we speak of those 200 years ago or 2,000 years ago, understood that a population must be maintained at a "manageable" level, or else the people could not be controlled as easily.

     That same notion doesn't exist today, right? At least, not in the U.S., because we've "evolved" from barbaric behavior, right?

     Perhaps the "Georgia Guidestones" might open some minds. Built right here in the U.S. during 1979, a declaration of many pleasant sounding directives, including: "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."

     I wonder how that number could be "maintained"?

     Murderous tyrants of the past advocated these same policies and ended up eliminating and enslaving millions of people. We witness these tactics pursued today within the U.S. Politicians with bad intentions know they cannot place people into gulags, or load them onto trains for concentration/political prison camps (at least not yet): what better way to do this than allow the peasants to rid themselves through abortion and give criminals an upper hand for murder? After all, it's a 'dog eat dog' world, right?

     Why does the Democrat Party propagate these devious plans? Why do some Republicans advance them as well?

     Ruthless tactics for the powerful...or just a koinky dink?

     It's been a while since I've posted anything; not because of the lack of important news or controversy, quite the opposite. Hopefully I'll gain the time to finish some of the 30+ articles and essays I've started (but haven't finished).
'Till then, Chuck Baldwin wrote a great piece, "It Is A Madhouse Out There", which pertains to some of my own pieces and ideas I'm working on.

Chuck Baldwin's "It Is A Madhouse Out There".

     Some recommended books:
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen
Counterinsurgency Warfare - Theory & Practice by David Galula
Lure the Tiger out of the Mountains - 36 Strategems of Ancient China by Gao Yuan
Roots of Strategy: Book 4 edited by David Jablonsky (includes works of Mahan, Corbett, Douhet & Mitchell)

...will add more to the list when I get the chance.