Political Correctness Kills

Author: Erick, Patriot Fire founder (U.S.), 5-14-2011

      Debates of important subjects, often controversial, cannot occur in the U.S., nor anywhere else in the world for now.

      When such a topic is brought up, petty attacks and rebuttals, which usually have nothing to do with the arguments themselves, stifle any such debate. This is “political correctness”.

      Any debate upon religion, race, gender, equality, minority rights', etc. only results in one side being accused of bigotry.  The news media and politicians are certainly guilty of this squabbling.

      Bigotry, discrimination, hatred, etc. certainly exist, but must we prohibit real discussions on various topics BECAUSE of it? Which side prevails in the end? What are the benefits of not having such debate?

      These actions were not the intention of our First Amendment, and it certainly does not advance a society. Inhibiting such argument creates ignorance, and ignorance only forces us to repeat our past mistakes in the future.

      In fact, it's better for a vigorous debate on such topics like racism, sexual discrimination, global warming, gun-rights, theory of evolution, and such; but in this age, no such serious debate occurs because one side is already defined as being wrong because that perspective is "bigoted", "stupid", "racist", etc. before the debate even occurs!

      How unscientific, uneducated and immature the United States, United Nations, European Union, et. al. have become! We have degenerated into nothing but trivial, argumentative societies caring only for the frivolous! Describing the latest fashion or reciting some Hollyweird actor's rant comes easy for most, but when it comes to thought-provoking ideas, forget it.

      Why can’t a serious discussion of women's wages versus men's wages be discussed without it boiling down to “sexual discrimination”? Why can't we discuss the differences of minority income versus white (oops, I mean "Caucasian") income without "racism" flaring up? Shouldn't we discuss how gun-bans negatively effect low-income families, particularly minorities, dramatically more so than middle-class and upper-class individuals? Why does "global warming" legislation keep the poor from ever moving up and out of their lower socio-economic status?

      No, these issues, along with hundreds of others, will never be seriously discussed.

      We live in a world of lies where "honest debate" is only allowed to a certain extent, not just by government but by society itself; and even then, it's not so honest nor open...


      Often, I make the mistake of writing complaints, but without any suggestions or solutions. My recommendation for the subject above: do not tolerate political correctness, nor stand idly by. Voice your opinion! Whether it be through petitions, protests, letters, e-mail, etc. does not matter.  Choose the one you are best at.  You will certainly face opposition, and you will at one time or another be wrong (you are human after all), but learn from your errors and spread your knowledge. There will be times when good words fall on deaf ears, but ignore these moments (there will be many).  Never surrender or quit the good fight.