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     How ironic that the latest killing spree comes from a liberal ex-police officer in Los Angeles, Christopher Dorner, during these recent “gun-ban debates” in Washington, D.C.
     The media rants about a “manifesto”, yet, as usual, fails to publish the full document.
     Good luck trying to read the whole piece as you'll only find the first half. Wouldn't the media publish this sensationalist manifesto in order to give the entire perspective, or at the very least to gain more subscribers? Talking pundits proudly state they have read the manifesto, so either they have the full paper and choose not to disclose it, or they lie.
     Finding excerpts or certain parts of the manifesto prove easy; but discovering the entire document online is fairly difficult which simply shouldn't be. I happened to get my hands on the 'screw-the-world' letter by Christopher Dorner thanks to a site relating to the “hacker” group Anonymous. Some of the end cuts off though. According to other sources, the version I obtained is mostly complete. If any of you can send me the last bit I'm missing, I would greatly appreciate it.
     I won't discuss what the TV and online media dogs continually regurgitate, but instead focus on the info being ignored: specifically the adoration and shout-outs to liberals and progressives.
     The ex-cop turned murderer praises leftist snobs while denouncing those on the right. Weird? Mr. Dorner oozes with flattery over President Barack Hussein Obama (D) and his wife Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden (D), Senator Feinstein (D), former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D), ex-President Bill Clinton (D), Julian Castro (D), and even the liberals among the Republican rank like past President George H.W. Bush (R) and N.J. Governor Chris Christie (R).
     (And yes readers, even if someone wears the Republican uniform, that doesn't transform him or her into a conservative or libertarian. Politicians often switch parties if it means winning the election. Rarely do they have an ideological conversion.)
     Dorner also cheers far-left journalists like Chris Mathews, Soledad O'Brien, Anderson Cooper, and others. I wonder how they reacted to this revelation. That is, if they actually performed their duty and read the full Dorner rant.
     He libels the NRA President, Wayne LaPierre, as being “vile” and “inhumane” then rambles about banning the very guns and magazines he wielded to commit the crime.

     I have the longest portion of the madman's manifesto that I can find here: http://www.patriot-fire.org/dornermanifesto.html

     I thought only right-wing nuts were responsible for violence and bloodshed? That's what the media depicts today. After all, during Obama's first term, the Dep. Of Homeland Security created a report entitled “Domestic Extremism Lexicon” in 2009, approved by Janet Napolitano, which vilified Tea-Party members, conservatives, libertarians, tax reformers, and war veterans as possible domestic terrorists.
     Read it here: http://info.publicintelligence.net/-hsra-domestic-extremism-lexicon_165213935473.pdf Surprisingly, this .pdf no longer exists on the DHS website anymore.
     I don't consider this an isolated incident in the world of reporting, nor a mistake on the side of journalists and their handlers, and I certainly believe politicians, journalists and those in charge of the media manipulate these incidences to push their own political agenda.
     Another similar incident involved the media cover-up of the full manifesto written by the psycho, Joseph Stack, who flew a small plane into an IRS building in Texas ( http://voices.yahoo.com/man-bitter-internal-revenue-service-flies-plane-5499811.html?cat=3 ). Sadly, I did not save the full manifesto as I did with Dorner's case. I'm sure with enough digging, it can be found. Nonetheless, this guy was not a Tea Party member or even a moderate-conservative despite several false claims by the media, namely MSNBC. A clear Marxist edge took shape in his goodbye letter. Was this brought to light in the news? Of course not; because that would paint the left as vicious and cruel when right-wingers and the Tea-Party needed to be depicted as evil hate-mongers.
     Had either of these events involved a conservative or libertarian, every word of the manifesto would have been plastered all over the internet, chat rooms, radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, etc.
     Thankfully, watchful eyes monitor the MSM (mainstream media) and do their job for them. The only figure I've seen talk about this issue on TV has been Greg Gutfield. Hopefully more follow suit.