It's Only A Theory

Author Erick, Published in newspaper for February 3, 2008.

To the Editor:

     American citizens and Congress members are not hearing a fair, honest debate concerning "man-made" global warming. Most television and print media take into account only one side; completely ignoring the other. To make matters worse, Al Gore continues to preach gloom-and-doom supposedly caused by humans, but ignores empirical evidence that suggests otherwise. John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, said global warming created by man was "a fictional, manufactured crisis, and a total scam." Many astute scientists and climatologists agree. Check out for the facts on this issue.

     We must remember that this "crisis" is only a theory, nothing more. During the 1970's, these same scientists were claiming an "ice age" was imminent. Call me crazy, but these global-warming alarmists are not any better than weathermen trying to predict next weeks forecast.

     If our government is duped by this theory, the ramifications are horrific. Our energy problem will worsen and the economy will suffer due to severely restrictive energy regulations. This translates to more money out of our pockets.

     Shouldn't our government, and we as a people, get both sides to this controversy?