We Should Remind Them

Author Erick, Published in newspaper, January 16, 2008.

To the Editor:

Remember being young? Everyone always reminded you to "listen to your elders" because they were wise, older, and deserved respect.

This old saying relates to our elected officials. I'm tired of House and Senate members ignoring the will of the American people. We are sick of illegal immigration and the numerous ill effects that come with it. A failing healthcare system, higher taxes, overcrowded roads, schools, and prisons, increased crime and gangs, and the overall disregard of our nations' laws.

The grand amnesty attempt in June 2007 was defeated decisively because the people of the U.S. voiced their concern. Later attempts for amnesty were thwarted as well.

Congress is blatantly ignoring citizens by continuing to push more amnesties down our throats. Has Congress forgotten the sworn duty to serve the American people? Democrats continue to advocate more rewards, in the form of amnesty, to illegal immigrants. Numerous Republicans are not free of blame either.

Maybe we should remind these politicians that they serve us, the citizens of the United States. We pay their salary and elect them to their high positions; they owe us. Instead of saying "listen to your elders," we should remind them "listen to your constituents."