Its America's Fault for Jihad:  Far-left Claim

Author: Erick, Patriot Fire founder (U.S.) April 23, 2007.  Edited 06-15-07.

     Far-left liberals seem to have a knack for saying off-the-wall things, such as:  9/11 was America's fault, the U.S. caused Osama Bin Laden to kill thousands, and that Elvis is alive on-board the spaceship from Roswell.  These ridiculous slanderings about the U.S. angers most.  Now, it seems the left has taken a cause to tell everyone that the Islamic faith "teaches peace".  I disagree that Islam is a peaceful religion, however, I do believe that most, not all, Muslims are inherently good. 

     Anti-U.S. and far left drones are still repeating each others' "theories" that the U.S. is at fault for terrorists to hijack and fly commerical airliners into the twin towers on September 11, 2001 killing 3,000 innocent people.  Sure...keep telling yourselves that lefties.  With that kind of theory, 4th grader Susie from Idaho was also at fault for 9/11.

     Many liberals claim that attacks by Palestinians are Israel's and America's fault.  "Put an end to the Israeli occupation and you'll put an end to the problem." (Discovery Times "Suicide Bombers: Cult of Death")  This is a claim from a Palestinian that agrees with the attacks on Israel.  So from his viewpoint, its Israel's own fault for the attacks.  If I get mugged, I'm going to blame myself because it looked like I had a fat wallet, never blame the thug.

     Secular-progressives want to abolish religion because they claim "religion has caused the deaths of millions."  However, when they talk about religion, they are usually referring to Judeo-Christianity, not all religions combined.  Their opinion is that if religion can be abolished, then people would all get along.

     Christianity is the root of all evil, that's the secular progressive belief.  However, they defend Islam with their life and scream its "a faith that teaches peace".  Sure, Islam teaches peace as long as everyone are Muslims, "infidels" aren't worth considering.  Muslims continue to kill not only Christians and Jews, but anyone who is not of the Islamic faith.  They even
kill fellow Muslims of different sects (Sunni and Shi'ites for example).  Yet, people against Judeo-Christianity still claim "Christianity has done more harm".  This might be true during the Crusades, yet, Muslims continued to kill even after that period of time.  The main struggle of the Crusades lasted about 200 years (1095-1291).  Yet, Muslims continue their "holy war" today "in the name of Allah".  Car bombs, mortars, RPG's, and suicide bombers still murder innocent people.  Using common sense, one can figure out that Muslims have killed far more people than Christians or Jews.  At this point, it sounds like a "blaming game" with both sides pointing the finger at one another.

     Far left liberals dont stop after saying "millions have died over religion".  They place the blame on Christianity and say it's the Christians who kill, it is the Christians who force the Muslims to kill, it is the Christians who force their religion upon others.  Right, Christians kill and Islam is a peaceful religion. "Slay the enemy where you find him." (Surah 9:92)  The Qur'an directs followers to murder.  Yet, Islam is a "peaceful religion".  "Love thy enemy" and "turn thy cheek" doesnt come from the Qur'an, this is taught in the Bible.  Yep, those Christian teachings sure sound like evil instructions.

     Christianity and Judaism teaches people to forgive all, including people doing harm to others.  The Qur'an teaches its followers to seek revenge for ill will in passage 4:75-76: 

"Keep fighting against them, until persecution does not remain and Allah's religion reigns supreme. But if they mend their ways, then an offensive is only allowed against the evil-doers. A sacred month for a sacred month; other sacred things too are subject to retaliation. So if any one transgresses against you, you should also pay back in equal coins."

     Here's more "peaceful" teachings from the Qur'an in 8:65:

"Prophet! Rouse the believers to wage war. If
there are twenty amongst you, patient and persevering,
they will subdue two hundred: if a hundred, they will
subdue a thousand of the disbelievers: for these are a
people without understanding

     Still not enough to know that Islam teaches intolerance?  Here's a passage from 8:60:

"Muster against them all the men and cavalry at
your disposal so that you can strike terror into the
enemies of Allah and of the believers and others
beside them who may be unknown to you, though Allah
knows them

     That passage surprised me.  Murdering people alone isnt good enough.  Islam teaches to murder even if the Muslims dont know why, but according to the Qur'an, Allah knows why (I guess that makes everything ok).

"Every Muslim wishes for people like Osama Bin
Laden, he was a good example of a Muslim...a very
modest man
." (Discovery Times, "Osama Bin Laden:
Prophet of Terror") 

     Still, people with the wrong information will continue to claim Islam is a "peaceful religion" and that 9/11 was America's fault.  The problem isnt that their holy Qur'an teaches to hate, kill, and seek revenge; its America's fault.