What's a Conservative Democrat?

Author: Erick, Patriot Fire founder (U.S.) November 27, 2007

     I am bewildered when someone claims himself as a "conservative Democrat". That's like saying, "I kind of shot myself in the head". There are Democrats that lean more to the left than others. Then there are the what-the-heck Democrats (loons). However, no matter how centered or left a Democrat is, his or her heart beats liberalism. A liberal philosophy boils down to bigger government. They view the masses as not being able to take care of themselves; thus, the government must rescue the poor, stupid population from their own demise.

     This is why I am perplexed whenever someone is identified as a "conservative Democrat". Like the Founding-Fathers, American conservatives desire small government; complete opposite that of any big-government loving liberal. Maybe its my imagination, but didn't the Colonies break away from Britain because that government became intoxicated with power and ignored the constituents?

     “Location, location, location” is important in real estate, just as “money, money, money” is with any government entity. A larger central government requires more funding from tax-paying citizens to operate its continuously enlarging social programs. More government funding, in the form of high taxes, is the lubrication that any socialist government needs to compensate for the endless number of welfare programs. Thus, a "conservative Democrat" is non-existent because the core principles of liberalism relies on the government to be providers for the people; spending more tax-payer money than a true conservative ever would need or want.