Global Warming:  Just a Political Tool

Author: Erick, Patriot Fire founder (U.S.) June 29, 2007

     Since the last few years global warming has been a hot topic for politicians as well as scientists. However, when anything is in the political realm, you can bet that there is more "politics" than actual science.

     When he isnt flying around in his jet, Al Gore loves to preach about conserving gasoline and oil products. His error is that he talks of global warming as a fact, and not as a theory. "Global warming" is just that, a theory. There is no evidence in the scientific world that underline burning oil products contributes to increasing temperature.

     Supposedly, carbon dioxide is the main problem to blame. Last time I checked, plants use carbon dioxide just the way that humans need oxygen. Can humans ever have too much oxygen? No, thats preposterous; as is saying too much carbon dioxide is causing global temperature change.

     This theory started circulating throughout the scientific community during the 1980's. However, there was speculation that temperature would decrease, not increase. So explain to me, in only 30 years, that the earth went from going to a cold state, to a hot state? Like meteorologists, I dont think these climatologists really know what they are talking about.

     In the 1990's, many substances, such as freon, were banned around the world because these harmful chemicals supposedly punched a huge hole in the ozone. Even now, this hole in the ozone continues to increase. This void in the ozone is one of the factors of the global warming theory.  However, this wasnt caused by chemicals such as freon because they have not been used for well over 10 years. The 'experts' were wrong about freon (and other "hazardous" materials), what else are they incorrect about concerning this theory? 

     While the earth's crust temperature has increased slightly, the atmospheric temperature has stayed the same. Scientists are at a loss to explain this. If my high school teacher taught me anything, he taught me that heat rises. Obviously, if the world as we know were about to end, as the loonies claim, the atmospheric temperature would certainly be much, much warmer.

     When this whole issue started to become a "popular trend" for the media, I instantly knew this was only a political tool. Commercials for ad-campaigns now refer to global warming. The candidates running for various offices want the people to know that they are concerned about this. They also want the voters to think they will solve this problem (miraculously).

     So if you want to be a lemming and take what the left tilted media shove in your face as the truth, have at it. If you want to think outside of the box and not fall into the political traps,  then take facts into account.