Immigration Bill: Facts & Figures

Author: Erick, Patriot Fire founder (U.S.) July 12, 2007

     Illegal immigration is the hotbed for politicians and presidential candidates. Both parties, Republican and Democrat, are mostly in agreement with the new Immigration Bill; also called the Amnesty Plan by critics. Politicians that wish to keep the U.S. as a sovereign nation are ostracized and termed "racists". However, taking bipartisan politics and opinions out of the equation, one can look at the facts and understand how this bill will damage the country.

     Mississippi's illegal immigrant population skyrocketed to a 467% growth since the 1990's. 136% increase for Colorado, 129% for North Carolina, and a 115% jump in Oregon. Every state's population has exponentially increased in just the last few years due to illegal immigrants. Hawaii's total population consists of 9% newly arrived aliens, and 6% in Florida. Texas, California, New York, and Florida are the four states that have been devastated by a flood of illegal aliens from around the world.

     Liberals embrace an "open border" policy while conservatives want to keep the U.S. a sovereign country. Speaking with only facts, lets look at how illegal immigrants affect the United States. Immigration alone accounts for a 34.9% increase in overall population. Out of this U.S. population, with immigrants included, 23% of all babies born in this country have foreign mothers. With hospital regulation and federal laws imposing its will, no hospital can turn down any medical care to any immigrant. The hospitals are mandated to give medical aid whether the person is legal or illegal, have or do not have medical insurance, or if he or she can even pay the bill. Most hospitals have a "don't ask" policy, when determining if someone is a citizen or illegal immigrant, in fear of being sued for "discrimination" or "racial profiling". This has already plundered California's hospitals into an abyss. So many illegal immigrants run to hospitals in California to birth babies that it has milked the funds completely dry. Avoid serious injury while in might have to wait in line for an illegal alien to give birth.

     Not only does this new bill cut funding for the erection of new security fences in the southern border, it gives even more medical benefits to illegal immigrants. How does this mystery money get into their pockets? By American paid taxes of course! Not to mention that these immigrants are eligible for almost every federal program that includes, but does not limit to: immunizations, subsidized public health care, social security benefits, education funding support, money to learn English, tax breaks, etc. All of these programs and funding are available to any illegal immigrant. An American citizen must be approved before receiving these kinds of welfare. Might I add that these illegals do not contribute a dime towards taxes. For a citizen to be approved for certain types of welfare, he or she must provide evidence that his or her income falls within the "poverty" zone; illegal immigrants don't even have to do that!

     In 2004, $28.6 billion dollars were spent on immigrants for education purposes. Every year, another $29 billion dollars are spent on illegal immigration. That's more than the Department of State, Justice, and Interior combined! To make matters worse, the Federal government makes matching grants for state expenditures, paying twice for immigration costs with taxpayer's money. In 2002, the Office of Refugee Resettlements (HHS) needed $71,900,000 for their resources pertaining to illegal aliens. $19 million were spent with taxpayer's money for Cuban and Haitian programs. Another $26 million for "culturally different family" organizations. Federal welfare reform used $14 million and education support groups spent $15 million. Discretionary grants were allotted $12.7 million. The total amount spent on illegal immigrants for 2002 was an astounding $158.6 million. Politicians complain about the budget and how the "fat needs to be trimmed" while looking the other way when this immigration bill comes knocking at their door.

     Here's some more facts and figures. The 2000 census shows that Hispanic immigrants numbered 28,100,725; French accounted for 1,606,790; Chinese in the U.S. grew to 1,499,635; and the Germans were estimated at 1,382,615. Out of the entire population of the United States, 17.6% of all children under 4 years of age had a foreign mother. Only 40.1% of immigrants over the age of 18 become legal U.S. citizens. 44% of all immigrants and their children in the U.S. live in poverty; compared to 27.8% native born. Yet, since they are not citizens, nor are they documented, the government has its hands tied and cannot truly help the families in dire need of support. This is when illegals cry for help and blame the U.S. government for their crisis; when in fact, the illegals burdened themselves by not obeying the immigration laws to begin with. Even though illegal aliens are ineligible to receive welfare, 19.7% receive these government handouts. Also, to make matters worse, 30.9% of all immigrants do not have any form of health care. This is causing hospitals to either shut down, or have become financially drained. Providing free health care to people who cannot pay is not acceptable and has never worked. This causes people already paying taxes and with health insurance to have to dish out more from their own pockets.

     Some make the argument that immigrants are "people too" and deserve the right to live in America. I completely agree. However, these people are breaking the law and cutting in line. There are thousands of families around the world patiently waiting for the approval of American citizenship. Yet, these illegal immigrants crossing the border are jumping ahead of the families waiting for proper documentation. Where is the outcry for them? It doesn't take a genius to figure out that people "going by the book" to receive citizen status are morally minded individuals; and less likely to resort to crime.

     Others make the argument that all Americans were once immigrants too. That is also true. However, that was a time when the U.S. was being created and the need for a larger population was necessary. This is not the case today.

     So now I leave it for you to decide. Is this Amnesty Plan worth draining the federal budget, taking money out of our hard-earned paycheck, and the very real risk of destroying hospitals that we might need to rely upon one day?