Islamic Bathrooms: Paid for by Your Taxes

Author: Erick, Patriot Fire founder (U.S.) April 16, 2007      

     A university is installing a "basin" in all bathrooms so Muslims can wash their feet and various other body parts for religious beliefs. The university says there is no religious orientation behind this, but a safety issue because it will be "unsanitary and unsafe to wash feet in a sink". The university says this has nothing to do with the Islamic faith; but instead, a "customer supply and demand" response to a safety issue.

     Since the main issue (supposedly) is safety precautions, maybe we should also have doctors and nurses in every bathroom in case someone is sick, falls down, or overdoses on drugs while in the stall.

     This has nothing to do with religion, as the university claims. If so, then the establishment shouldn’t have to worry about installing basins. If this is such a problem, installing signs in the bathrooms warning "Do not wash feet in sink" should be enough to warn people of the dangers. And since people are dumb enough to risk injuring themselves to wash their feet in a sink, I guess the university should also warn of 1,000 other ways to get hurt in a bathroom. Warning signs such as: "Do not swallow toilet paper", "Do not inhale water from sink", "Do not drink toilet water", etc. These limitless amount of warning signs would be ridiculous because it is common sense to know that washing feet in a sink is dangerous, as well as swallowing toilet paper and drinking toilet water.

     If the university is going to add Islamic basins for "safety issues", then they should also install rubber carpet on the floors and padded walls so I don’t fall down if I slip in a puddle of urine, which is actually very possible. And since this has nothing to do with religion and only safety, then placing signs warning people that washing their feet in a sink can result in injury might prevent this type of accident. The university is warning everyone beforehand of this safety issue, thus, the university is free from all blame or guilt. If Muslims are that concerned about washing their feet, then Muslims should go to their own house, a friend’s house, or places of worship to clean their feet to prevent injury.

     However, this has everything to do with Islamic beliefs. The only people that would use these installations would be Muslims (and bums). This is only an Islamic and far-left liberal backing for this issue, nothing at all for safety. However, going with current trends preventing Christians from praying in schools and banning religious related objects in stores (happily allowed by liberals and the ACLU), then these "basins" should be prohibited as well. Allowing one group special treatment over another is unconstitutional, especially if it is using taxpayer‘s money.

     Also, institutions of education are not bound by religious teachings. If you're a Christian they restrict you from public Christian expressions. Private schools are an exception to this (thank God), but not in public schools or secular universities. In this sense, these basins should not be installed for several reasons.

1) These installations are intended for religious purposes
2) Taxpayers will be paying for the installations (Christians far outnumber Muslims in the U.S.) 3) If they install these basins, then it will be conflicting with other laws that prevent      Christians from performing their religious beliefs.

     I am not anti-Muslim, but neither am I anti-Christian. I don’t think Muslims should have more rights over other religions. So far, Christians cannot pray before their meal in public schools; and they can no longer stand under the flag to have a group prayer. In some schools, they cannot even have Bibles or book-covers decorated with crosses (court cases are pending on these).

     So is this fair to let Muslims publicly perform religious ceremonies while prohibiting Christians from doing the same? To the far-left, it makes perfect sense...but hopefully most people have half a brain and see the double standard.