Electing Obama has (Dire) Consequences

Author: Erick, Patriot Fire founder (U.S.) June 20, 2008

     'Tis truly a sad day when people vote just to keep another out of power. The last two elections, and the upcoming 2008 Presidential election, will serve as prime examples.

     Conservatives were not unified electing George W. Bush on any given issue, but they did anyways. Why? Conservatives understood the areas where Bush lacked skills or competence, but the Democrat contenders lacked much more. John Kerry or Al Gore would have proven to be a bigger disaster than the U.N. "Oil for Food" scam.

     Even now, the Republican party have McCain as their chosen one as the Democrats have Obama. The conservative base is furious that another "moderate" has been chosen as the GOP's candidate. Will the vast conservative bloc solidify as it has in the past? An Obama administration will prove, in time, disastrous for the United States. Every voter should know this and understand why.

Barack advocates:

- government expansion
- increased U.N. involvement and funding
- higher taxes
- heavy economic regulation
- socialized health care (aka "universal health care")
- affirmative action
- unlimited and unrestrained abortion
- homosexual marriage
- increased government spending (despite an outrageous deficit)
- complete Iraq withdrawal
- futile Middle East "peace talks"
- Iranian (and terrorist) appeasement
- appointments of ultra-liberal/Socialist Judges to U.S. Supreme and Appellate Courts
- passage of the "Fairness Doctrine" (anti-"freedom of speech")
- expanded Draconian firearm bans
- reinstatement of Clinton's failed 1994 gun-ban statutes

...and the list of bad policies endlessly continues.

     Obama once remarked, "...it’s not surprising then (people) get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them..." Apparently a new de facto societal rule as been set: anyone with a gun or faith in God adduces to unjustified bitterness and ignorance. I wonder, does he believe this of the patriots whom fought the American Revolution? How about the Founding Fathers? A majority of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan come from Southern rural towns where God and guns are mundane. Those soldiers, whom also "cling to guns and religion", fight and die for Obama's First Amendment right of speech; no matter how vile or crude that speech may be.

     Within this '08 political charade, right-leaning individuals bicker amongst one another which candidate would be suitable to sit behind the presidential desk. Libertarians want Bob Barr or Ron Paul, as Constitutionalists want Chuck Baldwin. We may have disdain for McCain, but he is the only viable choice. I would personally love to see Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul, or even Bob Barr in the Oval Office...but it's not going to happen. Lets face it, a third party will not receive enough casted ballots to win the electoral vote. These votes will take away from the only candidate with a chance to trump the Obama/media alliance.

     Democrats control the Senate and House, often clobbering their weak, and sometimes non-existent, Republican opposition. A unified Democrat charge, for any issue, breaks the frail, often indignant, Republican barricade. If Obama reigned the White House, endorsement of horrid legislation would be a hair's-breadth away. Heinous ultra-liberal Judge nominations to the Supreme and Appellate Courts would be voted up by an itchy Senate. These Judge appointments hold positions for a life term. A likely scenario, liberals will control all three branches of power. Remember this next time you think, "I might sit this election out." Inactions have consequences just as actions have. And if all three branches fall in control of the radical left, how truly sad a day that will be...