Obama & Liberal Detox Program (OLD-P)

Author: Erick, Patriot Fire founder (U.S.) May 06, 2009.

7-Step “Obama and Liberal Detox Program” (OLD-P)
A simple program to reverse a person’s addiction to government dependence.

Brief Overview:

1)  Hope
     Despite the false and misleading slogan of “Hope” and “Change”, we must not lose sight of real hope and change. Without real hope or change, a better future stands no chance. We will have our ups and downs and may support betrayers of truth from time to time, but we must never lose hope for truth and freedom.

2)  Secure Base
     The environment in which you live must support your new lifestyle. Friends, TV, magazines, newspapers, college campuses and even family members may prevent you from getting the best out of your new life of truth, honesty, common sense, intelligence and open-mindedness. These sources of addiction have the possibility to caste you back into the vicious circle of lies, victim-hood, irresponsibility, and governmental dependence. Refrain from your old way of life as best as you can. Within time, the free and independent life-style gradually becomes easier. If you feel that you are reverting back to your addiction, remember Step 1 of the program.

3)  Self
     You are important! Do not allow bureaucracies, the government, or anyone else to pressure you back into the addiction of empty “feel-good” statements, pills of irrationality, bottles of ignorance, or syringes of state dependence. While this will be a life-long struggle, you, and only you, can prevent an “Obama and Liberal Relapse“. Believe in yourself! Refer to Step 2 and remember to set aside personal time. Use this time to reflect and grow. Learn from the mistakes of your past and strive for a brighter future.

4)  Supportive relationships
     Joining “Obama & Liberal Detox Program” (OLD-P) support groups will help you through tough times while providing a sense of unity throughout recovery. While only you can break free from government addiction, support groups will ease the transition into your new life of: freedom, rational thought, responsibility, and independence. This also provides a chance for you to help others in need by offering them the opportunity to join. However, avoid all temptations they may offer. Giving salvation to friends and family members is recommended only when you have completed Detox and Rehab (D&R).

5)  Empowerment and Inclusion
     Do not blindly follow the addiction of your Party or Ideology of your past. The urge to do so will be enormous. Over time, you will learn how to handle such stress and learn to think for yourself. You’re mind and body has become so addicted to government dependence it only feels natural to ‘give in’ to future temptations. If lured by a temptation, refer to Step 1 through 4. The empowerment process happens to be one of the toughest and longest. Throughout the years, you lost your sense of common sense and rationality. This takes time for your brain to re-adjust to basic thought processes every human was born with. Inclusion within society remains vital to every person. This happens to be another process that the addict will need to re-learn as you’ve forgotten how to interact with normal, rational, common-sense human-beings. During this process, all interactions with liberals, Socialists, Communists, Environmentalists, most Democrats, some Republicans, and any other person or group that retards your growth must be avoided. This Inclusion phase of the program can begin through your Support Groups (Step 4). Former addicts share the same struggle and will provide emotional support throughout Detox and Rehab (D&R).

6)  Coping Strategies
     This step is crucial once an individual decides to help himself or herself. Each individual must discover his own coping strategy because each person’s psychology differs. Basic problem solving skills are taught and the addict is free to choose the best plan for his own needs. While some may find political activism as a means to cope, others may choose to read or write books upon the subject. Some become leaders of free-thinking groups.

7)  Meaning
     Once the addict gains independence from all sources of government addiction, a void emerges within many ex-Obamaholics and other types of former addicts. He or she desires to find a place in life. Using the skills taught from this program, any addict can successfully find his or her place in society as a competent, normal, rational person. Many rehabilitated patients tend to become mentors and spread knowledge among other people struggling with government addiction. I strongly urge anyone to do so. Not only will you find this job rewarding, but you will save the minds, and perhaps souls, of individuals from the same quicksand of tyranny you were once sinking in.

     Graduates of this program: congratulate yourself on a job well done! Remember that this is a life-long process and hardships are to be expected. Once a government-addict, always a government addict; but through self-determination and the re-learned skills of independence, rationality, independent thinking, love-of-freedom, common sense, and knowledge, you can triumph over every battle and climb any mountain!

     For a short period of time, I’m reducing the price to $199.99 for a full year of treatment! Call 1-800-STOP-GOVERNMENT-EXPANSION for details.

***This program is fictional and so is the 1-800 number. However, if you would still like to contribute money, I’m more than willing to accept!