Argentine Dictator Peron & Barack Obama
by Heidi

Dear Editor of Patriot-Fire

     I wanted to take the time to thank you for providing the American citizens with a very informative website. Voting for a candidate to be the next president of the United States of America or any other position in governmental office is a very special gift that we the American citizens have and should be done very wisely. This is why it’s so important to review each candidate’s policy and tract record and vote for the candidate that will do the right thing for you and for America.

     After reviewing both candidates and actually researching their tract records, I noticed a very clear distinction between each of the candidates. McCain and Palin was a cinch….they are through and through Americans as apple pie. You know exactly where they stand regarding taxes, foreign policy, jobs, etc.

     On the other hand, Barrack Hussein Obama brought deep concerns as his policies and vision of how he wants to lead America reminded me and brought me back in time during the Juan Peron era in Argentina. I noticed that Juan Peron and Obamas' policies were very much aligned with one another. There was a time in Argentina when the people also wanted change for their country and Peron promised them that change. Peron was a smooth talker as Obama is and promised everyone that the government was going to provide health care, taxes were going to be higher for the rich and the poor were going to get more incentives.

     What the Argentine people wanted through change and what actually transpired through Peron’s vision was very different as through Peron’s health care program as with Obama’s the citizens were only able to go to doctors that the government provided, which were doctors who barely graduated from med school. Companies suffered deeply through taxation and closed down, which created a larger unemployment ratio. Food production lowered and costs escalated where people were barely able to eat. Yes, the poor and non-workers got free aid through Peron just as Obama wants to do here in America. What occurred was that there were no incentives left for the working people to actually work, so instead of the country prospering it went downhill.

     Peron’s background was one where he had government control the people of Argentina by providing an extensive welfare legislation just as Obama is wanting to do here. As Obama is trying to shut down the likes of Joe the plumber for asking a simple question so did Peron as he started a militant organization to control the people and news media from speaking out against his policies. Food was scarce, unemployment was at an all time high, the middle class became poor and revolutions were plentiful. I know this to be true because my family and I lived it. When I read the policies of Obama he is so much aligned with what Peron’s belief was that it is very scary to think that America could end up in such turmoil.

     My other concern is that with Obama having friends such as Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, etc., he must have the same beliefs as they do or they would not be associated with one another. It’s ironic that we have our young men and women oversees fighting from radicals and terrorists to keep America safe and here we have a candidate that is running for the presidency that associates with these same types of people we are trying to keep out.

     My family was one of the lucky ones that were able to come to the United States (legally) through documents and approval of the United States government in order to fulfill the “American Dream”. My parents learned the English language and history of America through night classes. Five years to the date we became American Citizens and flew the American flag with pride. My father helped build the first nose cone for the first rocket to the moon and every rocket thereafter. We never took free aid from welfare programs as our belief was and still is that if you work hard and take pride you can fulfill the American Dream.

     I decided to write to you Mr. Editor of Patriot-Fire because I believe you are truly trying to educate the American people and voters for this very important election and I wanted to tell you my story. I hope that when the people go out to vote this year, they take some time to really take a good look at each candidate as the change they may promise you, is not the change you may want for your future or your children’s future. Be grateful to live in this wonderful country of ours….be grateful for the opportunity to vote, be grateful for the serviceman and woman who have fought so hard to keep your freedom . Most of all, be grateful that you the American people have the opportunity to live the “American Dream”.

     Do the right thing this election and vote for the candidate that will fulfill your American Dream through hard work and dedication, and provide safety and security for you and your family and the continued success for growth and prosperity of America. Fly your beautiful flag with pride and move forward to keep America the beautiful country that she is!!!

Proud to be an American
Heidi - Texas