Bush Ripped for SCHIP Veto

Author: Erick, Patriot Fire founder (U.S.) October 14, 2007

     The liberal media has aimed their crosshairs at Bush (again).  Not surprisingly though.  This time, its not about the war in Iraq or budget spending; instead it's SCHIP.  The State Children Health Insurance Program was vetoed by President Bush.  The dominant liberal media jumped on this issue and condemned Bush for this horrendous act.  This program is supposed to help the poor children, right?  It sure does, along with plenty of other children who do not need the assistance.  SCHIP groups the 'poor' with the 'wealthy'.  If a family is making $80,000 a year, they still qualify for this program.  So who wouldn't cancel their individual health plan and board the socialist boat?  Many families, not poor, would have qualified for this welfare.  The Democrats are going nuts that Bush would shutdown SCHIP.  I'm sure Hillary got all sorts of hot flashes again.  Mrs. Clinton's socialized "HillaryCare"  was in the works (again).  If Bush had not vetoed SCHIP, then another attempt to socialize healthcare would have been attained.  The big brother loving liberals adore government healthcare.  This boggles my mind why they do.  One can only look to Canada and see how a socialized healthcare system works (I mean fails).  Canada's great healthcare program is so backlogged and ridiculous that the Canadian citizens are flocking to the U.S. for treatment and surgeries.  One might be on a waiting list for years for a simple surgery due to the government's ineptitude.  The 'rich' receive treatment because of 'contacts', and the poor continue to wait.  The middle-class that can afford treatment on their own accord have to wait in the long line as well.  Its illegal for citizens to pay for any healthcare whatsoever, even if the bill is just $50.  This great plan was supposed to help the poor in Canada; it backfired.  If SCHIP had been passed, the U.S. was just one more tick away from having a healthcare system like Canada. 

     More socialist failures are in Europe, it doesnt take a genius to google that.  Yet, Hillary and fellow Democrats still ignore the failures of socialism and continue to advocate them.  When any socialist advance is brought to a halt, they point the finger and scream "POOR PERSON HATER!".  Yet, if this plan had progressed, we might not all be poor, but we would all have a failing healthcare system.

     Do you think these Democrats that support this type of plan would have to wait in line for surgery?