Where Were They?
by Robert Lunsford

     To borrow from Devvy Kidd ( http://www.newswithviews.com/Devvy/kidd412.htm ), where were the “estimated 80-plus million gun owners in this country” on election day? After reading her article, I also began to wonder where were all those others who had so much to lose.

     Where were the pastors? They must have known which candidate upheld what is right and which one was an agent of wrong in the world? Were they afraid of losing federal money? Where was the loyalty they should have to their congregation.

     Where were the women who had abortions and later regretted it? Many do, you know. Many wonder what the baby (or babies) could have been, especially after finding it difficult or impossible to again become a mother. One candidate is all for abortion while the other candidate is not.

     What about soldiers? Not just those who are faithfully serving our country now but all soldiers. This means real, true soldiers, not like the Senator from Massachusetts who denied the honor. Did they really want a Commander-in-Chief who says he will not provide for military strength and jeopardizes progress in the Middle East with promises to stop fighting in Iraq by a certain date? Why did they not want a Commander-in-Chief who still proves to be an officer and a gentleman?

     There are many groups in America with a common bond. We should see ourselves as Americans first, not Republican or Democrat. We should select the best man/woman to serve our country as President. They should be graded by their character, record, accomplishments, and by their views of America and what she stands for. No one can honestly say that John McCain has ever been against our country in any way. In an overall sense, he was and is a patriotic American.

     Barack Obama, on the other hand, is in many ways the opposite. He wants to change this great country. He wants us to live in a “World Community.” He wants to be a “community organizer” on a grander scale that equates to socialism.

     “Change” has been the socialist mantra since Karl Marx. It is the call of social theorists who want control. They do not hold to the “If it works, don’t fix it!” philosophy. If society works well, they pursue their goals by trying to make it not work at all, or seem so. If this takes too long, they will then try to break it and blame it on the opposing party. If necessary, they lie and cheat their way to victory. Didn’t we just see this happen?

     The follow-up to the apparent Liberal/Socialist victory is to do what they promised not to do while campaigning through the Fairness Doctrine. This is to eliminate opposition -- more socialist methodology.

     Predictably, we will see control and confiscation of arms. In a totalitarian government, there can be no possibility of opposition. We can hear some of them say, “Militia? Who needs a militia? We have the Homeland Security Forces. They are here protecting us so it’s better than the Armed Forces. And, it’s OK if we stop funding the Military to fight overseas. Besides, this is not what we want to see happen in our Global Community. United Nations Forces can fight those little wars in other countries. We can send money to the UN and it will give us more money here.” To them, Socialism is just another form of government. However, a government of, for and by the people is not Socialism.

     People need to wake up. Some voted their conscience, voted “honestly” for some other candidate or to give a message. They helped put Obama in office. They care not that we vote for President and not just for a man. We do not vote to put a saint in office. Their neglect by not doing what is best for the country was instrumental in losing the election to a man who is evidently a Socialist. Next time, they should try to remember to vote for the best, winnable man and not for an idea.

     Some were deceived by the “Master of Change” rhetoric. And to some, nothing matters except that they vote as Democrats. They vote for the Party. Some see what the president-elect is doing now was not expected. They may not agree with it but then they remember their complicity in his election. They may have second thoughts and feel some regret but they all just wanted the man they wanted, not the best man for the country. This is selfish!

     Young people are our newest, voting citizens. They are taught history with dates and places and happenings. However, there must be a place for teaching about America as she was and is. Most importantly, they need to know what makes us Americans.

     We can be proud of being Americans and disregard attempts to make us like the rest of the world. Many in the world struggle to come to America. When oppressed people want to escape to a better place, the United States of America tops the list. We should not apologize for it.

     There are many reasons why the election was won by Barack Obama and the Democrats. Republicans have little to explain, little to hide and nothing to cause us to feel shame. The real shame is with ACORN: FBI investigations of fraudulently signing up unqualified voters (some more than once!), of busing in voters from other states, voters with fictitious names, and then to claim it was done by a subcontractor that may well just be another division of ACORN! However, this is not all. Do people know that ACORN is proceeding as usual? In fact, some of the Wall Street bailout money is reported to be designated for ACORN! Is this a reward for election manipulation? Shouldn’t this be completely investigated?

     Let’s hope the FBI’s investigation is permitted to proceed and full disclosure is forthcoming and that the new president does nothing to forestall the investigation and makes their findings public.

     We need to make it clear that if Barack Obama makes it to January 20, without some major trip-up, that “We the People” will stand up as a group and let the new president know what is expected of him. A public statement must tell him what we expect: We want a strong America.

     We should not slow down so other countries can catch up. We have a history of helping others make a better life for themselves, here and abroad. Those who want to come with us have always been welcome. But, we must never slow down to allow others to be more competitive.

     America’s successes came from ambition and using our social and material resources. Some countries have few resources, though, and we have helped them and continue to help. As a country, we have nothing to be ashamed of. Instead, we have much to be proud of. Those who say differently are usually working within an agenda that see little of good in America. They do not like America and have never been proud of her.

     America is more charitable than any other country. We have built industries in other countries that have enriched those countries. This was done by Americans who share expertise, abilities and personal resources. Some resent this but it causes other Americans to be more competitive. Competitiveness provides the leverage that shapes our great social experiment.

     Apologizing for things in the past is an empty gesture. Those most offended as well as those who offended them are long dead. Many today came long after that supposed victimization and had nothing whatsoever to do with it. However, when/if Blacks in this country discover that the Democrats have historically been their oppressors, historically have been the ones who conspired to keep them from having the ability to vote and even were behind the Ku Klux Klan and their victimization of both Blacks and Whites, perhaps many of them will leave the Democrat Party. Many already have! Some, though, will continue to vote the Big D regardless and deserve our understanding.

     What about the election season in this country? Was it not started two years before the election? Under analysis, it saturated us with the election process such that by November, many of us were tired of it and glad of it was finally over. Some were so tired of it that they didn’t even vote! It was a big turn-off to them. Did you notice that for the Democrats it never abated as they preyed on their constituents’ emotions? The media fed the ever-increasing fervor and late at night on November 4, they achieved an emotional climax as they crowned their king. Democrats never considered not voting. However, they caused many of the opposition to not vote.

     Does it make sense to limit the election process to the single year before the election? This is not to say that this election process should have started in January, 2007 but the twelve months immediately before November 4.

     When the Democrats started their pre-election media circus with Obama vs. Hillary, they could have decided it with a coin toss. This would not have been acceptable, though. Media hype and propagandizing could not have been what it was. However, it would have been much better if Republicans had leaned back and smiled with an attitude of: “Let them play. Let them fight it out. We will save our money until the real election season starts.” They could have then started the bid for office in November, 2007 or, better yet, in January, 2008.

"It’s the economy, Stupid!"

     The election process required millions of dollars and to what effect? The media still gave Barack Obama free coverage at every opportunity. When the media mentioned John McCain and Sarah Palin, however, it was rarely without a raised lip or snide remark. The dislike for McCain/Palin oozed from their very beings. Positive to Democrats and negative to Republicans. There is no fairness in this. Are they the people who want the Fairness Doctrine? Does this mean that they also get to define “fairness”?

     Something should be done to change a process that costs enough money that if given to several small countries in the world, it would transform them from being hopelessly backward and put them on the road to being healthier and better-educated. Where are the Liberals’ sensitivities to mankind in this process?

     The origin of political funding must be more transparent. If a candidate does not take federal funds to support his/her campaign, then he/she must agree that every dollar shall be justified with proof of origin. Any trickery in this should be cause for immediate disqualification as the candidate for the Party he/she represents. If a single ineligible dollar or vote is attributed to a candidate, whether foreign or domestic, the election is put on hold until it is investigated. If found to be encouraged by the candidate, then this should also be cause for disqualification.

     To win future elections, do we need someone with outstanding rhetorical style? Remember, a person with such high acclaim has achieved this by way of Hollywood or the media, or both. But, both Hollywood and the media are in the tank for the Democrats. Therefore, if we do have a Fairness Doctrine, let’s add a bit of “pork” to it. Let’s add that it also must apply to Hollywood and the Media at large: For every minute of coverage for the Democrats that they equally provide one minute to the Republicans, and any other viable party, so the media can also be “fair.” There should also be an impartial review board. Their “political advertising” rhetoric must also be fair and unbiased. Let’s add this bit of “pork” to the Fairness Doctrine and see if the Democrats are still for it.


     “Tax the rich and give to the poor” is the new socialist dream. Does this leave out Hollywood? Obama’s definition of “rich” has slowly migrated from $250,000 to $200,000 to $150,000. It could soon be those who make $100,000 or more will be considered “rich” and “need to be taxed.”

     Do we know anyone in Hollywood making less than $100,000? Are they outside Obama’s definition of “rich”? Do we see Hollywood whining and whimpering about the money they will lose? Because it is lacking, does this mean that they will be given a pass? Are they receiving some kind of tax advantage the rest of us are not in on? Could they have some loophole that exempts them from the “tax the rich” plan? If so, why!


     “Too little, too late” cost the Republicans the election. Soon, if Barack Obama gets into the Oval Office, laws will be enacted that will take a long time to overturn, if ever. Also, when Republicans are back in office, they need to understand that the Democrats/Liberals/Socialists will not give up and go away. They will lick their wounds and be back, snapping and snarling, at every opportunity. They do not see defeat as a permanent thing. To them, it is merely a temporary setback.

     This never-ending fight will go on as long as there is evil in the world. It has always been with us. The trophy is now close and worth gaining so evil will be at our heels as never before. If America were a second-rate or lesser country, we’d see oppression as normal and natural. We know countries like this already. Do we want to be just like them? As part of a World Community, as our Community Organizer president-elect appears to want, we can expect this. What we consider normal will be harder and harder to regain the farther we slip down the slippery slope of socialism.

     We must never forget this election. Never forget that too many ‘good men did nothing’ this time and here we are, in “full-lamentation mode,” wondering how we could let this happen to us. Some say, as if to justify their actions, “I didn’t vote for Obama or McCain...” and then go on to say they voted for Baldwin, Barr or Paul. Perhaps they are not as bad as the Democrats but we can thank them, anyway. We can thank them for helping give the election to Obama. If Obama would just thank them, too, then maybe they can really feel proud.

     We were supposed to put the best man in the Oval Office. If McCain did not have enough money to stave off Obama and his wolves, how could you expect any third-party candidate to get a fair shake in the media? In Kentucky alone there were about 4,000 who voted for someone other than McCain or Obama. Across the nation this no doubt added up to a great number. Where is their pride now? And, as for getting their message, no worries; We get their message; It’s the same message as the Democrats: You love your man/party more than you love your country! Why not just say you are Democrats if you are so much in the tank for them?

     Liberals and Socialists depend on social division. They pull every trick they know to promote divisiveness. Now that we are up against a Liberal and a Socialist, maybe we can be more united. However, we must be truly united against them and not coming at them from a half-dozen directions with no plan but to fight individual battles with little or no coordination and hope of winning.

     Kentucky’s motto is “United we stand, divided we fall.” This could well be the motto of America, also. In this past election it was more “United we stand, divided we fail.” Let’s hope we stop being so selfish as to vote for the man we want as a nation and, instead, vote for the man/woman the nation needs. If it had been done this time, I would be writing a novel right now.