"Why?" (Concerning the Congressional Ban on Oil Drilling)

Author Erick, Published on newspaper, August 14, 2008

To The Editor:

    The price of gas has dropped largely due to President Bush lifting the 18 year executive ban on offshore drilling. Not one extra drop of oil has been pumped; yet, the price began a downward spiral. The only branch of government preventing American oil from being pumped and refined rests with Congress. The Democrat majority can easily remove their congressional ban, yet, they seem content to uphold this barricade. Why?

     With the President's mere threat to OPEC's oil market, the price of this commodity decreased. If Congress would wisely follow suit, the price of crude oil will plummet further. In turn, this allows for American oil companies, ranked only 14th in the world, to explore and develop more fuel for United States' consumers. Imagine what would happen to the price at the pump then. We would not save pennies, but dollars.

     We cannot be satisfied with the recent savings we share at the gas station. We must keep pressure on Congress and demand them to rescind the drilling ban they are responsible for so the price continues to fall.